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by - 9/16/2016


Anyo! We all know what time of the year is getting closer riightt? ∑(O_O;) Spooooopy timeee (‘◉⌓◉’) !
So in the spirit of it, I got 2 cute parkas for this outfit post. (=^-ω-^=) At least it's my definition of cute hehe ;3 They are from the new Halloween collection of Hellcatpunks and you can find them on Hippiesjapan.com . I'll show you both the black and striped one in this post.
 Gotta strike them kawaii poses lol.

Oh a fun thing about the hood is that it has 2 eye holes, you can even wear it that way too. And look at this cute lil' coffin print with the quote.
I really love one size spacey clothes like this parka, they are extremely comfortable yet look badass. So now for the striped one, my face says it all, I love it that much.
 Gettin' my hood on if ya know what I mean. Lame humor, I know.

A portrait of a happy spoopy child.
But real talk, I love these portraits Stefani made of me ^^ See for yourselves. You can see the make up better that way too :3

And close ups of my accessories to end the photo spam.

Lovely photos by P.S. Photography .

Outfit rundown:
Lenses: Klenspop
Bow: Kreepsville666
Choker: Claire's
Parka: Hellcatpunks
Leggings: TRN/Anzi
Creepers: TUK

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