Etude House & Tonymoly - Review

by - 9/06/2016


Hello hello, I'm back but with a review this time. I thought It would be nice to post something else besides the usual outfit posts, so I'll share my thoughts on some lovely products.
First I got this from ebay but they have a website too. It's You can always find the products on the official brand websites but unfortunately they don't all have free shipping to my country, so yeah. Now let me show you how everything looked.

Let's start with the Etude House products and firstly with the BB cream.
Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit
The reason I got this is I once had a sample of it and loved it so much, and more importantly my skin too. So I decided to get the full product and I love it as much. It's moisturizing, looks very natural on your face, it doesn't look like you are wearing make up at all and it gives you a healthy glow. For those who don't like a shiny face like me, just put translucent powder to mattify it. It also feels very light so I totally recommend this.
Real Powder Cushion
OMG. This thing here does wonders. It's my first cushion, after watching a ton of reviews on different types of cushions I decided on this one and I made the right choice. It is a liquid foundation in a form of a cushion that instantly turns powdery when you put it on your face. It's epic if you;re asking me because you don't have to use anything else to set it afterwards. It is high coverage and also feels light on the skin. It might get patchy or get in your fine lines after a whole day of wearing it but its a compact size you can carry with you for little touch ups. Here's photos of how it looks.

Moving on to the Tonymoly products.
Cat's Wink Clear Pact Powder
The cute little kitty case is one of the reasons I wanted to get it so when I ran out of my old powder I had to buy this one. I bought the lightest shade and it matches my skin perfectly. It's more of a setting and shine control powder because I don't think it has a high coverage to be used without base makeup. I usually use it to mattify the BB cream and it does it's job greatly. Here's how it looks opened and you probably can't see because of the flash but it has a kitty paw in the middle.
Pocket Bunny Mist
If you were wondering what the bunny in the first picture is, it's a mist. There are 2 types depending on your skin type, a moist and a sleek mist. I got the sleek one for dry skin. I'm really glad I got it because not only it sets the make up but its also very refreshing and smells amazing!

Another thing that came with my package was a lot of freebies! Everyone loves freebies^^ Sorry for the glare I just couldn't get a better picture.
So that's all for this review, now I'm waiting for my other package to arrive and I might do a review for that too. I hope you found this review a bit helpful and if you have questions don't hesitate to ask.

Bye bye~

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