Etude House Pink Skull Palette - Review

by - 9/23/2016


Hello everyone! It's another beauty product review and this time it's an eye shadow palette. When I saw the Pink Skull collection I wanted to buy everything haha, because of the cute packaging and the color choices. I only got my hands on this pretty palette and its the Funky Skull one, since there are two types, the other one is called Lovely Skull and the colors are softer and more for daily looks. But I want something bold even for daily looks so I went for the darker one. I ordered it on ebay even tho my initial plan was to make an order on the official Etude site since they had a pretty good package deal for a few items together with a discount, but that plan failed since there was no free shipping to my country, and the only shipping method was too expensive. T.T
So here's how the pretty box looks:

And the palette itself, look at how cute the polka dot container is!
And I don't think my camera shows the gorgeous colors very well, because it's much prettier irl.
To my surprise the colors are extremely bold and pigmented. I honestly didn't expect the pigment to be so strong, but thats good because I always search for pigmented shadows, I really hate the ones that barely show any color or fade away. So 10+ point to this palette for that. Here's is a swatch on my hand of the colors, starting from the first lightest one to the last darkest one.
So the palette contains base colors, glittery ones and the extra pigmented ones, what's there not to love?! I'm just in love with this palette and I think #6 is my fave so far.
I also got freebies with it, a lip tint & sun protection lotions. I always wanted to try those since my place skin doesn't like the sun much, so if I like them I might get the full product.
I hope you found this review helpful, so until next time lovelies! ~~~

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