Nocturnal Bloodlust Chibis~

by - 8/09/2016


Hello everyone! I'm here with the long awaited post for J-Rock Chibis to show you their new Nocturnal Bloodlust series :3 As you already know J-Rock Chibis is a store that sell J-rock related items and you can choose from the already existing designs or commission them for any band of your liking. Their design and quality is improved even more now, so hop on to check their store.

Let's focus on the Nokubura babies now, since every item is extremely cute. And the thing I love the most is I can use the keychains to complement my outfits beside all the other accessories :3
And this lovely skirt is from Hippies ^-^

Before I show you the close ups I wanna say I'll probably regret the fact I missed the European tour Nokubura had forever but I couldn't go since none of the countries were close to mine T.T
Leggo with the close ups, I wanna show you all the lovely chibis :3
First the phone mask & the dust plug, they are my faves! Even tho lesson learned, I should only have black masks since white things get dirty too easy. But the mask is with the whole band and is sooo cute, everyone loved it! For the dust plug I chose Cazqui & I love the attached skeleton to it.

Next we have the keychains that I somehow always attach to my clothes hehe/
But it just looks great, Natsu and Masa look like they are guarding me :3
And a few close ups so you can see them better.
 Look at badass Natsu-chan~~
 While Masa looks cool and cute at the same time B')
Moving on to the accessories that are actually meant to be worn with clothing, sometimes I do things right too. I got a gorgeous Daichi choker and a Hiro pick necklace.
A close up of the cuties: 
And I shall end the photo spam with this portrait.

Don't forget to check out J-Rock Chibis for more awesome visual kei items, almost everything is customazible and you can fit according to your taste so check them out. Their accounts:
J-Rock Chibis Store
J-Rock Chibis FB
J-Rock Chibis Instagram
J-Rock Chibis Twitter

Photos: Biznis Katalog

Outfit rundown:
Lenses: Klenspop
Clothes: Hippies
Accessories: J-Rock Chibis
Shoes: Demonia

See you all in the next post~

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