Nico Nico Nii~

by - 8/22/2016

Hey guys! I did a male version of Nico Yazawa (LoveLive) today to warm up for my upcoming projects. Project one is a lady from Prison School and you will get a photo shoot for it pretty soon, and the second one is a bad ass from Final Fantasy XV. I will also post progress photos of the FF cosplay on my FB page so follow me there so you won't miss out.

Okay, back to Nico. It's completely a closet cosplay based on one of her Rare idolized cards and since I didn't have a Nico wig I decided to do a genderbent version, so it turned out pretty cool. I just used whatever I had in my wardrobe, so closet cosplays last second are the most fun as usual :D

I have better quality ones too, it was just easier to take the photos with my phone, but potato quality as always T.T So here's a better one.

Also after the 2 cosplay projects I had other 2, but that changed today and now it's 3.. I need a chill pill. But I'll tell you who I'm considering to cosplay, the idea that came to me today. It was for Katana (Suicide Squad) because I love how she looks and I always love a badass lady. So what do you think about that idea?

This was the last photo, sooo I'm gonna link up some of my other account and I'd appreciate it a lot if you followed me & showed support since I'm trying to make some bigger projects in near future. :3
I will even add the direct link to following this blog, since people seem lost when it comes to blogger, so it's just a click away, all you need is a gmail.
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See ya in the next post soon!~

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