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Ohayo! So as most of you know I'm a model for the lovely Japanese brand named "Hippies" and today's outfit post is fully  their clothing :3 The pieces for today are an unisex long blouse and a stripped skirt that transforms. Yep you read that right, you can manipulate the length of the skirt thanks to the special buttons it has, and you know how much I love playing with clothes & asymmetrical stuff. It also has a few pieces that hang so it makes it even cooler.
So first I will show you the shorter version when you button it up.

 Oh and the fact that the blouse is also asymmetrical, has a shawl attached and the back part is longer, makes it a epic combo.

I also did try to wear it only one side buttoned and the other long :3
And here's how epic it looks when long, I think it would go nice with platforms too, if you don't want to clean the streets with it hehe.

Oh and it can also be worn as an overall dress, I might show you in another post. Here's a little close up of some details & my makeup. I had earrings with handcuffs with a matching necklace of course.

 *cool pose mode on*
And I'm ending the photo spam with some Holy Olivera :D I love this photo tho.

Soo if you like this and you're interested the drape link is HERE and skirt link HERE.
Don't forget to check out for more!

Outfit Rundown:
Lenses: Pinkicon
Makeup: Nyx/Etude House
Earrings: Claire's
Ring: Sardonyx Lace
Top/Skirt: Hippies
Shoes: Cudo

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