Kitti kei :3

by - 7/11/2016

I'm back! I have something really different for all of you, a version and outfit you don't see every day on me, but I wanted a bright shoot for this Hello Kitty shirt. It's a collaboration between Sanrio and Listen Flavor and it was provided to me by Hippies! The key chain which I used as a part of the accessories is also by Listen Flavor in collaboration with Danganronpa.
So here's something bright which I hope will put a smile on your face :3

The shirt is a one size and huge if you're wondering, but its really light and perfect for summer. Here's a back shot of it.
A little close up on some details :3
And time for some kawaii portraits =^.^=

 Can't you tell I really love cats haha
Ending the spam with this jumping photo, I just wanted to do it :D

The lovely photos are by Stefani at P.S. photography  :3
The next post is probably going to be the opposite of this happy-go-round one, since I'm having a photoshoot for some Nocturnal Bloodlust goodies ;)

Outfit rundown:
Wig: Wigaholics
Lenses: pinkicon
T-shirt: Listen Flavor
Shoes: Converse

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