K-pop Festival Serbia

by - 7/30/2016


Hello hello everyone, long time no post! But you know after I came home from Japanizam, I decided to go back to Belgrade for K-pop World Festival  since I didn't wanna miss the big party. There was a competition before the actual party with a special guest & judge, someone famous in Serbia known as Milan Stankovic. I was a bit surprised but at the same time not so much to see him being the guest on a K-pop competition, but oh well. After all that the party was in a really cool place & was absolutely lit, literally. I had the best company I could ask for & with K-pop blasting in the back everything was perfect.
Here's a picture of me and my messed up hair after all that dancing and singing haha

Oh and speaking of hair let me tell you how this accidental ombre happened. I dyed my whole hair purple, it was a lavenderish pale shade & one day before the party when we were hanging out outside it started raining, so my hair got a bit wet. Then when I went back to my room, I noticed that half of my hair changed color and turned blue. It looked cool so I rolled with it :3
Now back to the party pics and friends :3
Here's some of me and my lovely Rin, we had matching outfits that night and slayed. Too bad we don't have full body photos to show off our Demonia boots.

And also some with pink princess Stefi :3

Overall I had the best time ever and shout out to all of the lovely people that were there with me, let's turn up again next time! <3

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See ya all in the next post ~

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