Visual Queen

by - 6/21/2016


Hello lovely readers!
I'm back with a new outfit post, something closer to my inner passion, it's inspired by visual kei. Lately my hair has gotten a golden tint because my natural one is growing and mixing with the silver..yes the ginger is trying to come out again, but I don't wanna damage it too much so I'll leave it this way, it looks kinda interesting.
The epic dress is from Hippies. I really love black&white combos especially stripes! It looked a bit loose on me so I combined it with a belt because I wanted it to fit right. Even tho the belt isnt fitting like it should  on me because I have a tiny waist, criez/ But it turned out pretty cool, so here's me striking the first pose. *points at vk fangirls*
I also love the fact it has a spider web lace material too.
It has a lacing on the back too, even tho you can't see it too well here because of the belt.
There is an extra that comes with the dress, and you can add it or remove it, so  wore it to show you how it looks, but I prefer the dress without it.

 I had lots of fun on this shoot and made some artsy photos too. The following one is my fave and I jokingly named it "Oh wall, only you understand me."
 There are many other great photos but I'd hate to spam so I always struggle to chose the best of the best ones.

Let's end it with a close up so you can see some of the make up details.

See you in the next post!~

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