Goth vibes

by - 6/15/2016

New day, new outfit post! Before I start with this one, I've been thinking if I should make a post to share my k-pop collection when my Monsta X album arrives, so we'll see, tell me if you want to see it :3 Moving on to the outfit now~ Today's a cute black & white combo. Both the top and skirt are from Hippies and I'm in love with the design on the top. It gives off a nice gothic vibe. I'm short on words today because I have a headache sooooo, See how it looks ~

And from the side and back you can see how asymmetrical the skirt is.

Lots of great pics this time, so I'm not wasting any and sharing more :3
And portraits~~~~ Natural aegyo what can I say haha.
This last one is my favorite :3

You can find all of the clothes on Hippies.
Photos by Dimmay.

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