Casual kei

by - 6/13/2016


Heyo! Finally an outfit post again after a while. Well maybe most of the next posts will be outfit ones but I got some pretty cool stuff from Hippies ;) Today's a pretty casual one since it's Monday and I feel lost in space. Anyway I'm not a huge fan of baggy clothing..well maybe recently I started to like them and I make some exceptions and I love how comfy these harem pants are. They also look pretty kick-ass. The epic shirt is from Hippies and can be found on this link.

 The next 2 photos are kinda the same but I've made different facial expressions so I love them both :P

Here's me looking mad at you.
And lately my hairs a mess because I'm trying to grow it out and maybe dye it a different color but idk idk, let's see how longer can I endure not cutting it. 
I'm ending the photo spam with a glance in the distance orz

 ~See you in the next post~

Outfit rundown:
Lenses: Lensflavors
Shirt: Hippies
Harem pants: Nike
Shoes: Off-brand 

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