Wigaholics - Wig Review

by - 5/12/2016

Heyo everyone!
I'm here with a lovely wig review for you all. It is the "Indigo Violet Long Curly 70 cm" wig from Wigaholics! It arrived within a week through DHL, undamaged and safe. It came in the usual paper/bubble wrap bags and all of the items inside of it were individually put in plastic bags. It's great that it arrives super fast but the best part is you get a wig stand, wig cap, brush & bobby pins together with the wig! Here's how every item looks, first is the wig stand:
I noticed there will be a glare in every photo so I removed the other items from their nylon bags. The wig cap is a nude color which blends better than the usual black ones, and even the bobby pins are purple to match the wig^^
Here's how the wig was packed inside the plastic bag with a paper box.
When you take it out its well put in a net to keep it from tangling.
And here's one close up so you can see that the fiber is high quality and doesn't have a weird cheap looking shine. The whole wig itself is matte and perfect. The color is the same as on the pictures on their website too.
I give this wig a 10/10 because it has a reasonable price, is high quality and looks amazing.

This is my first long wig so I was very excited to get it. It came in perfect on time for a character I wanted to cosplay too. So here are some photos how it looks in its full glory on me.

I was surprised how good it looked even without much styling, I just put the fringe on the side and bam it already looks perfect. I didn't use much makeup for these photos because right after them I did a cosplay photo shoot with the same wig, so stay tuned for those photos ;) 
So here's a few of me goofing around in the lovely wig ₍₍ ◝(●˙꒳˙●)◜ ₎₎
Nico Nico Niiiii~

Make sure to check out Wigaholics website if you need high quality wigs, they have all colors, styles and lengths ^-^ Oh and follow my blog or any of my social media to keep track when I post the new cosplay~

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