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by - 5/05/2016


Hello everyoneee~
I'm back with a new outfit post, a very cute post! Today I'm featuring a lovely vest by Hippies! They finally made a European website! Yay!
>>>>> www.hippiesjapan.com <<<<  Go and check it out, I'm on the cover! :3
Now back to the outfit and vest. It's made from different materials and has a corset lacing on the back. It gave me a very aristocratic vibe but I wanted to combine it with a punkish outfit and I got an interesting result.

Let me show you the beautiful back side of it ^^
I also wore two skirts but nobody noticed ;D
Don't ask what I'm doing on the next photo, I don't even know~
Maybe having huge buns of hair would have looked really nice with this coord but oh well, next time with a wig or if my hair grows that long :D Here are some close ups ^-^

I hope you liked it. :3 So now you know Hippies have the following site where you can get stuff:
Hippies Europe
Hippies Amazon JP
Hippies Amazon US
Hippies Rakuten

Outfit Rundown:
Lenses: Pinkicon
Vest: Hippies
Brooch: J-rock Chibis
Upper skirt: Influence
Underskirt: Hell Bunny
Boots: Demonia

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