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Hai hai^^ Another outfit post is here and it's a special one. I always wanted to do something like this, ever since I was inspired by Kurona and Nashiro from Tokyo Ghoul, so I made the same outfit with the wigs and shirts to be contrasting each other. I might have lot more photos than in my usual post but bare with me I had a hard time deciding what to upload orz.

So I'll show you what I'm talking about first and then start with the photo spam :3
I'll first start with the black ones!

You know, my obligatory peace pose pic ;P
And the white ones, which somehow I like better. I think lighter hair looks really nice on me.

 Yaay, I look like a 5 year old once again >.<
 Oh lookie, a serious one :D

Sorry for spamming, but they are all so cute, I can't even! And I'm not even done heee~ I still got some lovely portraits left :3 Before I put those up, these lovely shirts are from Hippies and I love how you can adjust them with the zipper or make them be short or long sleeved. And I love the asymmetry! ( Death-the-Kid please don't read this) Here's the link for the shirts. (click on "link")

Tomorrow I'm shooting one of my cosplays so look forward to that too! And a wig review!

Outfit Rundown:
Wigs: Aliexpress
Lenses: Klenspop
Shirts: Hippies
Choker: Hellcatpunks
Bows: Taobao
Shoes: Demonia

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