Happiberri - Danbo Review

by - 5/31/2016

Long time, no post! So hey!

Today I have a review for you all from a fairly new kawaii shop HappiBerri! I've been without internet for 5 days in a row now and it's been hell, so I decided to go find some wifi to show you the review of the cute little toy I got. HappiBerri sell all kinds of kawaii stationery, clothes, edibles & also cute little toys like the one I got. So I chose the Danboard Danbo because it looks cute. And my very dear friend and photographer told me that this little guy is one of the reasons he started photography so it made me write this review even sooner. 

The product arrived in a plastic bag wrapped in bubble wrap so the box was undamaged. Even the box it was in looked very cute :3 Here's how it looked:

And another angle.
Once you remove the box and plastic, you have a little Danbo looking like this:
It also has a little stand so you can put him on it like a figure.
And his head, hands and legs can be adjusted the way you want to,so you can make him be in different poses :3 Tadaam, mine says hi!
There is also another cool thing about it, his eyes can shine! You have a tiny switch on his head to light up his eyes.

So that's the little cutie I got from HappiBerri, and I'm very happy with it, so make sure to visit their website for more kawaii goodies. 

Bye bye, till next time!

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