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by - 4/03/2016

Those who know me better know how much I love Junji Ito's work. He is my favorite mangaka. Like literally all of his horror stories & manga are amazing. Among the top favorite is of course Uzumaki. So this outfit, post and everything is inspired by it. All the lovers of the horror and macabre will probably like the weird twisted horror Junji creates, so I can recommend you all of his horror stories.

I have been eyeing this Uzumaki hoodie for quite a long time but couldn't find it anywhere, so the second I found it online I bought it immediately. It has a panel from a very memorable character printed on. And it's creeping out everyone around me, so it's a perfect piece of clothing for me!

It was a great day for some green tea, manga & shooting these photos.

Also, everyone seems to love the outfit posts the most, so I decided to add more photos from now on. I have to agree with everyone since they are my favorite kinda posts too. So yeey a sea of photos ~~~
Mmm yeah, matching the hoodie with the manga. But I must say it was one of my favorite moments too. X marks the spot right. My humor's lame orz

And lastly one of my fave photos, you can see the little spiral on my eye here too *-*

Well that's that for Uzumaki, something that I'd like next is a Tomie inspired post. Something extremely creepy like her deranged face. I might find something online, or might make it myself if I don't but I must do it one day for sure! So there you have it another manga recommendation: "Tomie".   All photos by: Dimmay

Outfit rundown:
Hoodie: Jill's Punk x Loli
Leggings: Penti
Boots: Demonia
Choker/Glasses: Aliexpress
Eyeball bow: Taobao

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