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As I already introduced Hippies in my previous post, this one will be with another amazing shirt and choker from them. I felt it gave off a punkish vibe so I wanted to coordinate my outfit that way.
You can find the shirt on Amazon here & Global.rakuten here.
Here enjoy my winky face ;D

I really enjoy how it's both comfortable and perfect for my style, it also has buckles on the arm parts to adjust the length, and a lace on the right side if you want to make it a bit asymmetrical.

Oh, and some beautiful portraits :3

Also this razor choker can be bought here too ^^

Hope you liked this set of photos as well, because there's lot more to come for Hippies. And yes, soon I'm expecting another package to arrive from one of my favorite Visual Kei shops, I'm happy to collaborate with them too, so you'll see what it is soon ;)

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Outfit rundown:
Shirt: Hippies Japan
Choker: Hellcatpunks
Bondage pants: MRC
Boots: Dr.Martens

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