Pinkicon - O-Lens French 3 Color Pink Lenses + Circus AC01 Lashes - Review

by - 4/26/2016

Long time, no review!

I was busy with modelling and brand collaborations so I couldn't focus on doing many reviews, but I was kindly approached to do a review for Pinkicon, so let me introduce you to them. 
Pinkicon share the hottest fashion & beauty trends among Korea & Japan! They have over 500 types of circle lenses & the most popular cosmetics in stock. And you know what the best part is? FREE shipping worldwide for all lenses! The name of the brand is pronounced as Pink - Icon, I find it interesting now because I chose a pink pair to review. ^^

Even tho the shipping is free, my package arrived in a week, that is extremely fast and a huge plus for them. The items were wrapped in bubble wrap so everything came safe and undamaged. Inside I got a how to use lenses flyer and a big one as a poster, which contained pictures and the types of lenses Pinkicon have. Let's move on to the packaging and pictures.

I got them in this cute box, I like how royal it looks.
Here's how the bottles look & the prescription is written on top of them.

Here's how the lenses look in their lens case (which comes free with the lenses).

O-Lens French 3 Color Pink (click name for link).
D.I.A: 14.5 mm
CDIA: 14.0 mm
B.C: 8.8 mm
Duration: 6 months
Package: 2 bottles
Price: 31.73 USD$

Now let's move on to the pair of lashes. The packaging was so dreamy! I love circus themed things! This is how it looked, and how the lashes were packed inside.

I have to say how natural they look and feel, they don't have the plastic look or shine!
Circus Eyelash AC-1 (click for link).
Package: 2 pairs
Price: 17.07 USD$

I've tried many lenses but this is the first pair that I managed to put from first try for both eyes! I could not feel wearing the lenses, they are extremely comfortable. I wore them 2 times so far, and had no problems at all. Here's how they look without & with makeup, and compared one lens in.

I did not expect the color to be this amazing, it looks exactly pink on my eyes too, so I really love that! And the lashes are so thick, yet look natural.

*Enlarges subtly & keeps the natural look
*Light and comfortable
*6 month lifespan 
*Great color coverage
None. They are 10/10 for sure.
I would totally recommend these pair to anyone that wants a subtle pink pair of lenses. I also recommend these pair of lashes since the packaging includes 2 pairs, they are so soft and light & anyone that hates the plastic feel of lashes would love these.

For the make-up part I did something inspired by Minpha of Pentagon.

Here's one of the lovely lashes:
These photos are in outdoor lighting.

And the last photo is with flash.

Visit Pinkicon if you want to see more choices of lenses, lashes & cosmetics.

And here's a kawaii instagram video for the end. (* >ω<)

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