Crosses & Lace

by - 4/12/2016


Hello  everyone! My busy cosplay weekend is finally over today, yes I  know it's Tuesday but I feel I can continue dong normal things just now. So I want to announce you that I'm collaborating with a Japanese brand named Hippies! I'm their first overseas model, so I'm very happy to work with them!
I also made a facebook page for my modelling & cosplay so you can like it here.

Hippies are a store that has visual kei & punk rock clothing so make sure you check out their page, and if you are interested to buy here is their Amazon shop link , and their global rakuten shop link.
The clothes are high quality and pretty unique! So here's my first outfit post for them.
I have always been a fan of shirts like these, and I pretty much love the design on this one.
Here's the back of the shirt, I love cross motives! 
If you want to buy this shirt you can find it here.

And I'll end the photo spam with my fave photo and portrait.

So don't forget to check out the Hippies page & I'd appreciate it if you check out mine too. ~

Outfit Rundown
Shirt: Hippies
Skirt: Extreme
Shoes: Demonia

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