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Hey! I'm back with a new outfit post with another lovely item from Hippies. It's an epic bondage shirt, that you can find on this Amazon link , and this Global Rakuten link. I went for a black & red combination to match my cute Hiro keychain. The Nocturnal Bloodlust items I have here are from J-Rock Chibis store & my next post will be all about them!
Here's how everything looked:

I really love how all of the clothes from Hippies have adjustable stuff, like the bondage parts and the detachable arm thingies. And of course the detail that's added so nothing looks plain.
Here's a little close up for the chain. This is Hiro's DESPERATE look and he looks so cute in chibi version. If you want it or any other member, here's the storenvy link.

Portrait time and rare smiling photo haha

I have a close up of the lovely brooch with Cazqui too. Brooch link here.

As I said my next post is gonna be all about J-rock Chibis so can you guess which band is included? ;)
Don't forget to check out Hippies and give them a like too ^^ 

Outfit Rundown:
Shirt: Hippies
Jeans: Darkside
Shoes: TUK
Chain/Brooch: J-rock Chibis

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