Visual Majesty

by - 3/01/2016


Hello everyone! I didn't post anything because of the giveaway, but it's coming to an end and I have lots to share now! I held our local Japanorama event with a Harajuku presentation and it went awesome! I will talk about it more in another post so I can present you all of the models and styles, so now I will show you my style and look for it. Enjoy :3

If you every wondered what is the truest real version of myself, this is it! Full out visual kei! It's like living the dream of many years swooning over attractive J-rockers, well guess what? I'm one of them hotties too ;D Here's a little close up too:

Look forward to a post for the whole event, maybe behind the scenes photos and my models!
Enjoy this majestic selfie so you can see the make up better & follow me on instagram too;D

A photo posted by オリ (@visual.madness) on

 Outfit rundown:
Coat: Punkrave
Leggings: Punkrave
Boots: Demonia
Necklace: Sex Pot REVENGE

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  1. You look amazing in these photos, but when I saw you live you looked truly majestic! *.*