Pocky + Meiji Review

by - 3/09/2016


I'm here with another Blippo package and review, but this time it's all sweets! I was really craving for some Pocky so I decided to buy 4 different flavors. 2 of which I've tried before and the other 2 are new to me. So here's how all of my Pocky's look:

Happiness inside a box, am I right?
I'll start with the first one I tried, the lil one with the cute monkey. Here's how it looks inside:

Choco Banana Pocky
The name is self explanatory since it does have a chocolatey banana flavor, I really liked it and everyone that likes bananas would probably do.
I won't include photos of every single pocky and make this post too long because they all look the same inside, Glico wrapping and the pocky sticks :3

Matcha Green Tea Pocky
Okay so this was extremely new since I've never tried the very famous japanese matcha or any green tea flavored candy. It tastes weird, not in a bad way, I liked it since I ate the whole box alone. It has the green tea flavor to it and leaves a weird after taste so I wouldn't recommend it to people that are really picky with their food. But to people that like to try new stuff like me, give it a go!

Strawberry Pocky
This is one of the flavors I have tried before and that really doesn't need much explaining, it tastes like strawberry ^-^ Chocolate and strawberry make a nice combo and when its Pocky it's perfect.

Chocolate Pocky
Aw yeah, the original chocolate pocky, what's not to love here? If you haven't tried Pocky before, get this one, it has a rich chocolate taste and that's what dreams are made for. I might go to far with explaining but I love chocolate to much so bare with me. 

So we can conclude I love Pocky too much and need a life-time supplies of it.
Now I can move on to something I've wanted to try because of the name. Yeah, yeah that's true Meiji as in the Japanese era and it reminds me of  Rurouni Kenshin - my all time favorite manga/anime/movie. (That;s right all of them were a success)
Before I get out of context let me show you how the chocolate bar looks:

Meiji milk chocolate
It was smaller than I expected, I don't know why I thought it's bigger but doesn't matter. Another thing that doesn't need much explaining because it tastes like milky chocolate but you know, the good ones. 

So that is my little chocolaty review, don't kill me if you are hungry now haha. Overall I'm happy with the products I just wished the pocky sticks were not stuck together since they probably melted a bit while being sent here. But I'm glad that I can at least buy it from somewhere because my country does not have products like these at all. 
And you know what, this review made me want some Pepero too, which is kinda exactly the same as Pocky, it's just the Korean version. Oh well.

Till next time sweet people!

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