by - 3/10/2016


I'm back again with a look inspired by Meto. He is the drummer of Mejibray, if you don't know them you should totally check them out! They make some sick jams ;D 
Here's his recent look that inspired me:

What made me do this even more is when my bf said "this is you 10/10", and it was enough since I love playing dress up as my favorite J-rockers. I've already done Tsuzuku a few years ago, I did his RAVEN look, I might re-do him again if you are interested. So here's my own twist on Meto:

Ready to kick ass.

Soon I'll make a Visual kei section here on the blog where I'm gonna cosplay or do looks inspired by my favorite J-rockers, so if you have suggestions or want me to do a certain one drop a comment and tell me. I'd be happy to do those since I was meaning to a long time ago anyway.
You can also check me out and follow me on instagram too. I'll drop a link with a Meto selfie ;)

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That's all for today, expect some cosmetic reviews these days and don't hesitate to give me suggestions of your favorite J-rockers, I'd love to dress up as your dream boys ;D

Peace out! 

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  1. awesome look! you look alike hah, i love Meto x

    1. Aw thanks! I love him too, everyone from Mejibray rocks!