Korean & Taiwanese cosmetics - Review

by - 3/29/2016


Hello, I'm back with the long awaited review! I ordered lots of things so I decided to split them into two reviews. I got everything from Yesstyle.com and it arrived in a month. Everything was wrapped nicely in bubble wrap, put in a carton box in another nylon bag.
Let's start with the Korean stuff first.

The first thing I will be reviewing is the box that has different brands inside. It's for people that want to try new Korean brands but dont know where to start so they arrange a box from different Korean brands. It has 10 samples and a very pretty high quality box that I will use for storing the cosmetics inside. Here's how the box looks, what it contains and some freebies I got too.

I also took photos of whats inside the two boxes because this way you can really tell.

Now let's talk about the products. I will make a list with names of everything down below.

HERA - Cell-Bio Trial Kit III
This kit is amazing, I have been using it for some time and my face feels really nice because of it. So it has 5 different products inside which are: AQUABOLIC Moisturizing water, Cell Essence, AQUABOLIC Moisturizing emulsion, White program effector and the Cell-bio soft cream. 
* Aquabolic Moisturizing water: This water is absolutely amazing and works great for my problematic skin especialy when it gets a bit oily, it's definately one of the products I would buy again.
*Cell Essence: I use it after the water and its also great! The bottle has marked lines that show you how much you should use per day. I would buy this full product if it wasn't that pricey, but if you can afford it I think it's worth the money.
*Aquabolic Moisturizing emulsion: This is creamy emulsion and it doesn't get my face oily so its great, the only downside is that the bottle is hard plastic and its really hard to get it out haha.
*White program effector: This has a pump bottle and makes my skin feel and smell amazing. It's supposed to whiten your face and I'm really pale already so I would use it because my skin loves it.
*Cell-bio Cream Soft: I think this product would work a lot better for people with dry skin, because its a really nice cream but on me it kinda makes my face get that shine I dont like too much.
Overall all of the HERA products worked amazing and smelled so so nice! So I was happy with them!

SKINFOOD - Blanc Pearl Caviar set
This little set has a toner and an emulsion. Both smell great and I tried them out today. My face still feels amazing because of it. I  had no problem with the toner, but the emulsion was so hard to get out I had to use a Q-tip. Maybe it would work better if it was a pump bottle. Aside from the packaging trouble the products themselves are great.

MAMONDE - Extra moisture skin softener
This one is the little white bottle. I tried it out on my brother and I don't think he ever said anything positive about cosmetics I've put on his face, but this time he liked it a lot and said his face never felt smoother and softer. So I can't wait to try it on myself too.

NATURE REPUBLIC - Green tea mask
Just like any other face mask it moisturizes and softens the skin. I liked it but it wasn't anything special. If your skin needs relaxing you can get this one.

SKINFOOD- Black Sugar mask
This is the only product I still haven't tried but I will update you soon.

Time for the Taiwanese stuff! Everything is from the brand My Scheming. Let's start! 

It has the coolest name and packaging! The box looks like a fairy tale book.That's the first thing that drove me buy these set of masks. And I didn't regret it because they are the best masks I have ever seen. The first time I tried it on my bf and at out surprise the masks were black and not white or transparent as we expected. The thing that I loved the most was how much product these mask contained, they were soaked and there was still more inside the package. Even after half an hour they weren't dry, that's how all masks should be. They smelled nice, were full of product and easy to adjust to any face shape. Here's how the box looks:
And inside you get 8 masks which are 3 different types, here's how they look

Last but not least is this lovely peeling gel. The packaging is very cute too. It works great on my skin, after washing my face I use it and it removes all the dead skin easily. All I have to do is massage my face until its dry and the dead skin starts peeling. It has a thick consistency with tiny granules inside and it's not messy at all. It's now my favorite for cleaning skin. 

This review is already long enough so I'll end it quickly. Something I forgot to add was that every product was wrapped in plastic but I took them out for better photos. I hope you liked this one, and thank you if you read all of it. Stay tuned for the next one that is going to be an Etude House review!

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