G(r)ay day

by - 3/13/2016


Hello! These days it is rainy here so I wanted to make a very simple outfit post with my pretty umbrella. I matched my outfit to the gloomy weather but lightened it up with my loli umbrella I never took out because it was too pretty haha. I gotta thank the photographer for making me smile in the photos, otherwise I looked really awkward, the rain didn't help me either.

Hi, It is I! :D

I'm usually lazy with outfits when the weather is horrible because it always ruins my make-up or dirties my clothes >.> Let's not even talk about frizzy hair. But I have a cutiepie to brighten up my photo shoots, so the photos won't look boring for you all ^_^

And here's the lovely umbrella opened, in it's full glory.

Aw ye, I'm wearing the Etude House My Darling lip tint here because I wanted to test it out, so I have a few more items to test out before I write the reviews, I'll separate them in 2 posts. Also this whole outfit is from local stores, so sorry to those from outta country, but I'll still include the shops down.

Outfit rundown:
Coat: Bianco
Leggings: Penti
Shoes: Cudo
Hat: Anzi
Choker: Aliexpress

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  1. you've got a great style! i love your outfits x
    just followed you, would love it if you could do the same back! xx


    1. Thank you very much ^^
      I just followed you back! xx