Klenspop - Ellen Panda PM 14 Violet Circle Lenses - Review

by - 2/05/2016


Finally the review for the purple lenses! I love purple lenses and these are Ellen Panda PM 14 Violet from my fave store Klenspop. They arrived safely as always, put in their little box with bubble wrap and came in this lovely packaging again: 

Btw I started collecting those pretty boxes! :D Here are the contents inside and how the bottles looked up close:

And the lenses themselves in their lens case: They look so majestic.

Power: Plano 0.0
Diameter: 14.0
G.Diameter: 13.7
Base curve: 8.6

They were kinda bendy and resisted getting in my eye, but once placed they didn't move at all and fit perfectly. Most comfortable pair I think and my favorite so far! Here's how they look with one lens in, without & with make-up:

You can see the difference clearly and I really love the color especially how they cover mine. The black ring does a nice job for the enlarging effect too.

*Light & Comfortable
*Amazing color coverage
*Reasonable price
*6 month lifespan
*Absolutely nothing for this pair.

I was really excited to get another purple pair of lenses and these are just great. They are perfect for unnatural and flashy makeup looks so I did something Decora inspired for the review. Enjoy the few photos, I had fun doing them ^^

I also took the photos in different lighting, indoor, outdoor and flash so you can see the slight differences even tho they do look purple and the same in real life.

Here is a direct link for these lensesm but if you want other colors please check Klenspop! There is also a discount for the Lunar New Year so don't miss it out. Hope you liked the review, Till next time!

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