Kawaii on the streets, Senpai in the sheets

by - 2/07/2016


As I said I will make an outfit post with the aniMEOW shirt and here it is. \(^u^)/
It was freezing cold and raining that day but I managed to get some nice photos. The quote somehow reminded me of Suzuya so I  had to add a little touch with Suzuya details in my outfit, ooookaaay~

Here's a close up so you can hopefully see Suzuya's badge and quinque better, along with the other small details like the horns and tartan bow uwu

And look, I tried to smile. Well, I tried orz

Outfit rundown:
Shoes: Cudo
Pantyhose: Penti
T-shirt: aniMEOW
Skirt/Cardigan: Local shop
Bagde: CD Japan
Horns: Taobao

FYI if I don't mention some things in my outfit rundowns it is probably self-made or from a local shop. But I'll try to list everything else you can find on the net. I hope you like this outfit post, so bye bye from me and Suzuya until next post! 

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