Happy Deadpool Day

by - 2/14/2016


So it's Valentines Day and I also went to watch Deadpool today! I was inspired by Deadpool whether I knew it or not for this outfit, the colors will tell you everything haha. But also today's photoshoot was wild from start to finish, first our photos got deleted, then the second time the camera didn't even record them so we were left to take them with our phones. That said the quality might differ but that's all we could do, so here you go:

^That is the only full outfit photo we saved, the rest are history haha

Now this little heart shaped bag with bat wings is my all time favorite, it's not quite captured well in the photo but I think almost everyone has seen how this one looks like.

Excuse this busy lady, too busy staring at her Rap Monster phone khm khm.

This whole post is a mess just as Deadpool is a mess, but I hope you had a nice day people, I enjoyed mine.. And go watch Deadpool y'all! 
Happy Valentines Day!

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