aniMEOW! T-shirt Review

by - 2/03/2016


I'm back with a different review this time, and it's a T-shirt one. aniMEOW! is a shop that sells anime related apparel. They have cool T-shirts with quotes and that's what caught my attention, especially the DRAMAtical Murder ones. But for my self  I chose something else, the "Kawaii on the streets, Senpai in the sheets" shirt. It came undamaged, it was in a plastic bag like any other clothing piece I get, and it was nicely folded. Here's how it looked:

The shirt is 100% cotton and mine is a size S. It smelled a bit weird but  that's because it was traveling I guess, so one wash will make it go away without a problem.

It fits well. The sizes are American/European so you don't have to worry about getting it wrong or it being too small. Here's how it looks on me:

Tomorrow I'm going to take outfit pictures with this shirt, so I can include full body photos of it, so look forward to an outfit post soon. For anyone that wants to get this shirt, here is a direct link.
And check aniMEOW! for more, they have hoodies and bags with the same prints too. 

Don't forget to use my discount code: VISUALMADNESS5 for 5% off on your orders!

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