Summonflyingtoenail phonecases - Review

by - 1/10/2016


Soo I feel I never did a proper review on these phone cases. So here we go. I have ordered twice from Summonflyingtoenail and both orders have been flawless. The website has some great quality Kpop phone cases, yes you heard right Kpop. All of your favorite biases to pretty up your phones or heat them up, ooh you never know ;)

So my first purchase was this Jay Park case that came in a lovely packaging with his face on it. Everything was in bubble wrap and came to me safely. Enjoy the lovely photo of the Jaebae.

Second time I was getting cases, the website had upgraded them to be thicker and even better quality than before, so they covered the phone from all sides. So I decided to get 2, one of  Rap Monster and one with Giriboy. They also came in a box and bubble wrap with a pretty packaging which I unfortunately accidentally ripped and didn't save. Here's how the new phone cases look:

Sorry for the flash but both cases are glossy and shiny and my camera wasn't cooperating much today.

And to my surprise in the box there was an extra gift phone case! How nice of them! It was a case from Infinite which is designed with some lovely pastel colors.

My little fabulous collection together:

If you are wondering I have a Note 2 but this site has a huge variety of cases for almost every phone out there, so go ahead and check if they have yours. That's not all because there when it comes to Kpop there's got to be something more right? Well they have photo cards, postcards, posters, T-shirts and many more Kpop related things. I have a few photo cards to show you, they are high quality and come in their own protective case. Sorry Giribae for the flash covering your perfection.

That is all that I own from Summonflyingtoenail, and the thing I love the most is that everything is drawn, I always support fellow artists especially if I like their work like in this case. All I can say is good words and how satisfied I am since my phone is protected and decorated by some of my favorite music artists. And I ain;t gonna lie, I love staring at that Jay Park sexy case ;D

Till next time lovelies~

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