Rokku Star ✰

by - 1/10/2016


I've been busy and postponing this outfit post, but here it is finally. It's inspired by rokku/goshikku gyaru with my own touch to it. I felt it might be too much black (not expected of me to say it I know), so I added the blue silky ribbon I found laying around in my room. Enjoy my awkward posing

Here's some close up's for the make up and a better view of the pretty star pattern ^.^

And the details on the leggings and boots ~(^3^)~

Outfit rundown:
Boots: awon
Leggings: PunkRave
Tunic dress: Idk :c

I'll post more outfit posts from February since now it's the exam session all I do is sit home in my pijamas and study. Hope you like this post's stupid title haha (-3-)/ ✰ Aye, I'm out! ✰✰✰

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