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by - 1/11/2016

Nya nya! Everybody loves cats!
At least I know I love kittens especially clothes that have cat motives or any kind of kitty coord style. That's why today I'm going to talk about some neko clothes, show you some favorites, ideas and of course give you links on how to find them and get them for yourselves, with a special bonus, but later about that.

There are so many cute items that I don't even know where to start. I made all the pictures with direct clickable links that redirect you to where you can buy the items. If you want to buy or check more about the item just click on the desired item's picture. Let's begin with this cute kitty paw bag^^ It's so adorable!

Now something I've been eyeing for a long time and planning to buy is this kitty hole sweater, I must have it one day that's for sure!

This next item is perfect for the colder weather now, to stay warm and kawaii at the same time^^ It even has a kitty tail on the back, open the link for more photos^^

For all the Sailor Moon fans I chose a few items to show, a lovely hoodie, T-shirt and bag ^.^

Next is this lovely dress which is available with 3 different kitty patterns and colors.

For those of you who don't sleep in classic pajamas here's something cute, you can choose black or white

Some other neko accessories :3
First I have these pantyhose with smiling kittens:
They would go perfect with these gloves:

Neko creepers! They come in a black or white version:

For the tea/coffee lovers here is a perfect cup for all of you!

For last I left this uber cute headphone pair that is making me scream on the inside, just look at it! Who doesn't want cute headphones like these, or you can just use it as a dust plug too.

Well that's all of the items I chose to show here, I already made this post really long, but what can I do when it's cats in question ^-^ All of the lovely items can be bought in these 2 cute stores:

Fashionkawaii & Asiancute 

Please check these shops out, they have many more cute items than these, I personally chose the items in this post to fit a cat themed outfit. 
Also you can use "visualmadness" as a coupon code for 10% off any item or order you place!


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