Klenspop - Magic Eye Cacao Circle Lenses - Review

by - 1/26/2016


After a long time I'm back with a review. Again from Klenspop but this time another series named Magic Eye. The lenses I'm reviewing are Magic Eye Cacao in brown. 

I received these with a purple pair so stay tuned for one more review these days. As  usual they came safe in their box with lots of bubble wrap. Now for the part I'm always excited for: the lens box:

I won't focus on the packaging a lot more because you already know how neatly everything is inside. The contents include: bottles with lenses, free lens case and tweezers.
These just say Magic Eye and have hangul written on them, no little pandas for me :<

This is how they look inside their little case:

Power: Plano 0.0
Diameter: 14.2
G.Diameter: 13.6
Base curve: 8.6 

These were the easiest pair to put on my eyes and are very comfortable, I didn't feel wearing them. Here's how they look with only one lens in, with & without make-up:

They kinda blend in with  the color of my eye and makes it look natural, at the same time giving my eyes a pretty brown ring which helps define them more and give an enlarging effect.

*Enlarging and natural at the same time
*Light and comfortable +++
*Reasonable price
*6 month lifespan
*I was hoping for the g.diameter to be bigger so they can make the whole eye brown.

These would look great on brown eyes too, so I recommend them to everyone that wants natural lenses. But these lenses despite looking natural can be used for cosplay too. I decided to do an anime inspired look so I can show you that. 
Well I turned myself in a cute little anime girly~ 

I'm ending the spam of photos with this last one :3

If anyone wants this pair of lenses here is a direct link to them, and please visit Klenspop for more. You can use the code "Klenspop" for 10$ off during the Lunar New Year period.
Hope you liked the review and look forward to my next one for the purple lenses^^ 

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