Klenspop - Ellen Panda Ex 12 Aqua Circle Lenses - Review

by - 1/07/2016

Hey, I'm back!

In my last review I said I received 2 pairs of lenses, so here is the promised review of the other pair. If you haven't read the last review, it's from the same series but in Green. This pair is called Ellen Panda Ex 12 Aqua and are are really soft blue color, from the lovely Klenspop

These arrived together with the green pair extremely fast, and safe! Packed with lots of bubble wrap in a carton box. And my favorite part, the lovely designed box!

Inside we have the circle lenses in the bottles, free lens case and tweezers.

Close up of the bottles, it always says the prescription of the lens on top.

Here's how they look inside the bottles and when they're put in the case.

Power: Plano 0.0
Diameter: 14.5
G.Diameter: 14.0
Base curve: 8.6

They were very light and easy to put on, even lighter for wearing them. They are extremely comfortable. I prefer wearing them for a day before I write the reviews so I know how they feel on me, so I absolutely had no problems with this pair at all.
Here's how they look with & without makeup, also compared to my eye with one lens in.

I was very impressed with the color because my eyes looked completely blue. They also look very natural but I decided to use them for a darker make up look.

*Enlarges the eye but looks natural at the same time
*Very light and comfortable
*Reasonable price
*6 month lifespan
I would recommend these to anyone that wants to own a blue pair of lenses!

I did a rokku gyaru look and the lenses suited really well, here's some photos of the complete look.

For anyone interested in getting this pair here is a direct link and if you want another color visit Klenspop. They also have a facebook page, so check it out as well. They are very friendly and responsive to emails so don't hesitate if you have some questions for them, or you can ask me too I'd be happy to help! Bye now~

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