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by - 1/13/2016

Even tho most of the time I wear darker clothes, I really love colorful ones too. Especially with interesting patterns, the crazier the better! So today I chose a few items to show from 2 lovely shops cutekawaii & womenfashion. Let me start with an item I always wanted to buy because of the cute design. There's more designs for this hoodie but my fave is the one on the right.

And again you can click on the pictures if you want to see more details or prices.
Next are these sneakers that would go well with the hoodie, I love how the colors go well together.

Here's a sweet skirt which will probably make you crave for sweets and cake :D

For those going for a sweeter look, here two bags that got my attention since they are really cute.

Now who's up for some LED stuff? LED sneakers! I've always wanted to own a pair of these, they have different colored lights and look extremely fun.

I really love clothes with eyeball prints, so here's another nice hoodie.

The dark side is strong within me so I had to include some black&white items. I chose an extremely adorable hoodie with ears which is also fluffy.

A backpack that would go nice with it with an innocent quote //how stereotypical of me//

Something I kept for last is the really famous donut hoodie which was a huge attraction among the Kpop fandom. These shops have some other Kpop related stuff so be sure to check them out.

I guess that wasn't really the last item because I found a cat paw phone case which I want to show too

Now that really was the last one^.^ I would add a lot more but that would make this post so long and take forever to read, so that's it. As I said before you can find everything on:

cutekawaii & womenfashion

So make sure to check out their other lovely things and if you want to buy use my code "orimadness" to get a 10% off discount on any item you want. 

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