Chilly days

by - 1/02/2016

So me and my friend decided to take some photos but the weather kinda switched from warm and okay to freezing cold, just one day apart. The cold made me a bit lazy so I went for a chill lazier look inspired by Korean fashion, to be more precise hip-hop ulzzang style.

To have a complete look I did some natural ulzzang make up of course. You can see my previous post for more detailed pictures of the make-up and the lovely lenses.

And here's a close up of my sweater, I really like the quote.

Outfit rundown:
Boots: Dr.Martens
Leggings: Teranova
Jeans&Gloves: DIY
Jacket: Liza (local shop)
Necklace: Teranova
Sweater: Idk/Gift

I'd like to thank my friend Dilek Aspires for helping me out. She has a lovely fashion blog so check it out if you want to. So that's all for today's outfit post. Stay lovely! ~

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  1. Bash super ispadnale slikite! Ti si preubava zatoa! 얼짱! *.*

    1. Awawa falaa! Ama i zaso ti znaes kako da gi fatis ^_^