Winter inspired make-up + InkedBarbie Cosmetics review

by - 12/22/2015

Hello lovelies! I did a quick make-up look using cold colors inspired by the cold weather today.
I wanted to do a bit heavier gyaru winter make-up so this is the result:

Here's a rundown on all of the stuff I used to create the look:
*Circle Lenses: Ellen Panda Brown from Klenspop
*Lashes:(upper) Paris Hilton "Natural look"
*Eye shadow: InkedBarbieCosmetics "Purple Diversion"
*Eyeliner: L'Oreal liquid black
*Eyeliner:(under) Golden Rose blue shade with a "meis" blue eye shadow on top of it
*Lips: ^same blue liner with a pink lip gloss over it but idk the brand

Here's a few more photos & ignore my messy hair today. I hope you can see the colors well.

And the obligatory winky one ;D

Now let's get to the review. I joined the Caring Is Sharing program that INKED BARBIE has, and this is how I got the lovely package. Cutely wrapped with a lovely rilakkuma letter.

The cute letter, don't mind the little mistake in my name hehe:

I got a cute card & a lovely sticker!

And this is how the eye shadow itself looks:

I used this eye shadow for the make-up look in this post and it's a lovely shade of purple. If you are interested in vegan make up products you can check INKEDBARBIE for more. 

Sorry if this post was a bit longer and had a combined make up + review but I wanted you to actually see how the eye shadow is used in a look.^^
Stay tuned for more make up looks & maybe tutorials, so please follow this blog to not miss out!

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  1. OMG! SOOOO Gorgeous!! I"m gonna post this on my fb page at !! XOXO!