Klenspop - Ellen Panda PM 13 Green Circle Lenses - Review

by - 12/31/2015

Hello Hello!

It's time for another circle lenses review! This time it's the Ellen Panda PM 13 Green from Klenspop. I have already done a review of one of the series from Ellen Panda (Brown), but for those of you who read it the first time Klenspop is a Korean leading company for circle lenses, please check their website for they huge variety of lenses they offer.

I was sent 2 pairs of lenses together and they arrived even faster than the first time which is amazing. As the last time they were safely packed in a box and wrapped in lots of bubble wrap. You also get the manual on how to use them. And the thing I love the most: the cutest packaging ever!
Both front and back looks cute as hell and I'm a sucker for cute packaging. 

The contents inside are the circle lenses in the panda bottles, free lens case and tweezers.

The pink background doesn't do the lens color justice but it's a very light green.

Atm they only have plano for the Ellen Panda PM 13 Green.
Diameter: 14.0
G.Diameter: 13.7
Base curve: 8.6

This pair was a bit easier to put on, maybe because they are a bit smaller. They are very light and comfortable, you won't feel like wearing lenses at all. I wore them today for 10 hours and I know that's not recommended but I was out all day. The great thing is that my eyes never felt dry or irritated even with wearing them for so long! 
Here's pictures with & without eye makeup with the lenses.

I naturally have green eyes so these look very natural on me even with the enlarging effect. They can be used in more natural & softer looks. Perfect for ulzzang ^^

*Amazing enlargement and still natural looking
*Extremely light and comfortable 
*Reasonable price (atm 9$)
*6 month lifespan
Clear 5/5 from me.

Here's a picture with full make up, I really love how they give my eye an interesting pattern.

I went for a hip-hopish ulzzang look today because I felt they suit a more natural look. I'm still amazed how they endured the whole day without needing some lens solution. I guess their water content is very good. Some photos \o/

I'm out of poses, winky winky!

If anyone wants this exact pair here's is a LINK to them. You can always use the discount code I have on my blog. For a bigger choice of lenses visit Klenspop.
I will do a detailed review for the other pair after the new year so expect a new post then!
For any questions and advice on lenses leave a comment down. 

Stay lovely~

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  1. omg! they look so good on you!!! <3
    I love them <3
    I'm following you :3 follow back?

  2. omg! they look so good on you!!! <3
    I love them <3
    I'm following you :3 follow back?