Klenspop - Ellen Panda Brown Circle Lenses - Review

by - 12/18/2015

Hello everyone!

I'm going to be doing the review for the Ellen Panda Brown circle lenses from Klenspop. They are a leading company of Circle & cosmetic lenses based in Korea, and offer a huge variety of lenses on their site. 

The shipping of the lenses was fast and safe and they came to me undamaged and in great condition. They came in a box and wrapped in lots of bubble wrap, so you'd know they care for your lenses. In the box you get a manual which explains and shows with pictures how to use lenses and how to take care of them.
Now my lenses came in this so so cute box which I'm going to keep because I fell in love with it.

Inside you get a free contact lens case and plastic tweezers together with the circle lenses. They come in cute little panda bottles. \o/ Here's how it looks.

The Ellen Panda Brown come both in prescription but mine are plano.
Diameter: 14.8 mm
G.diameter: 14.5 mm
Base curve: 8.6

These lenses are very light and you can't really feel wearing them which I love. Putting them on was a bit of difficult for me because of the lightness but I always struggle with this so it's no big deal.
Here are 2 pictures of me without and with make up wearing the lenses.

I naturally have smaller eyes, so these lenses really do enlarge them a lot, even without make up. I would really recommend them for dolly & gyaru looks.

Before I add pictures of a full look so you can see how everything looks together, I would say a few pros/cons for them.
*Enlargement is amazing, they make your eye pop and look huge!
*Extremely light and comfortable.
*Reasonable price
*6 month lifespan
* I don't really have any besides that I would prefer if they made my eyes more brown ^^
So overall I'd give them 5 stars!

Now photoooss, so you can see how amazing they look.

For everyone that wants to purchase them here is a direct LINK for them, and if you want other styles or colors visit Klenspop and use the code I have on my blog for a discount.
If you have any questions just leave a comment down I'd be happy to help you. <3

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