Jay Park "WORLDWIDE" review

by - 12/04/2015

So today I received my albums and I'll do a little unboxing/review for you.
Jay Park is one of my favorite artists so I was really excited to get this album. The album itself has 18 tracks which I think is amazing. What's even better is that I loved every single one of it, a rare thing for me, so A+ for that Jay. If you don't know who Jay is, he makes khip hop music and here are some of the M/Vs he dropped for this album: "You know (feat Okasian)", "MOMMAE (ft Ugly Duck)", "In This B*tch x MY", "BO$$ ( ft Yultron & Ugly Duck)" .  Check those links out and you can check everything else on his official youtube account.

Okay and now my little review where I show you how the album looks. This is the package.

And inside this cardbox, you have the actual CD and the photobook that look like this

The inside of the jewel box looks pretty simple and black, on the CD it says AOMG.

The little book inside the jewel box is actually the lyrics book. I took a picture of one of my faves ;)

And some bonus pictures of the photobook, I didn't wanna spoil it too much for those who are yet to get the album, so just a bit of eye candy never hurt no one. ;D

Well that would be all of the photos, so give this album a listen and some love and if you like it I also recommend Jay's previous album "EVOLUTION".Let us Jwalkerz support our man ;)

Ah yes, I almost forgot, the album comes with this gorgeous huge poster of him.

Thanks everyone for reading and stay tuned for my next review of BAP's MATRIX which I'll post tomorrow. <3

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