Kawaii International "Kawaii Dolly"

by - 11/23/2015

Hello everyone!
I need to break the ice with my first post here, so I decided it to be my entry for the Kawaii i contest.
The theme was "Dolly" and you need to coordinate an outfit with your own style to fit it. I chose a darker look since I wanted to mix visual kei with dolly. I chose a ruffled shirt with a layered skirt so I can connect it with the belt and make it look like a cute dress which went pretty well with the high platform boots. I complemented the look with the rest of the accessories: the bow, necklaces & garters which are all handmade by myself.

I chose a bad timing for taking the photos because it got dark too fast.
So here is a brighter picture of the outfit so you can see more of the materials and details.

I hope you liked it! 

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